You found your safe haven! This is a space where we discuss everything skincare and beauty related for women and men after the age of 35. Most companies target a beauty industry that is younger than some of our children so we decided to create a space for real people with real skincare concerns. We hope you enjoy reading!

Refrigerate After Opening

Linda Welch

Refrigeration is a simple yet effective way to preserve the potency, consistency, and shelf life of your organic skincare products and cosmetics. By slowing down microbial growth and oxidation, refrigeration ensures that your natural beauty products remain effective and safe to use.

Eat, Hydrate, Sleep, Repeat

Linda Welch

Incorporating the principles of "Eat, Hydrate, Sleep, Repeat" into your daily routine can significantly enhance your physical health, improve your appearance, and slow the signs of aging.

Shades of Youth

Linda Welch

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they are a crucial tool in the fight against wrinkles and premature aging. By protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from UV damage and preventing squinting, they play a vital role in maintaining youthful skin.

Hosting a Healthier Happy Hour

Linda Welch

The anti-aging benefits of cutting down on alcohol are undeniable. So, if you need a non-alcoholic option for social events, or just want to try something new, mocktail recipes are a great place to start. 

I'll Take the NON-Surgical Facelift, Please!

Linda Welch

Beyond their cosmetic benefits, organic skincare serums offer holistic advantages that resonate with conscious consumers. By choosing products crafted from sustainably sourced, cruelty-free ingredients, individuals can align their skincare routine with their values of environmental stewardship and animal welfare. 

The "Skin-ny" on Salt

Linda Welch

By being mindful of salt intake and opting for healthier seasoning alternatives, you can support clearer, more radiant skin. Remember, when it comes to seasoning, less salt doesn't mean less flavor; it means a healthier you, inside and out.