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Plant Collagen Body Mist

What’s her secret? That’s what everyone will be asking when you use this plant collagen mist.

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(30 day supply)

This sophisticated plant-based formula is proven to boost natural collagen production all over the body. Wherever you apply it, you will see a vast improvement in the firmness and texture of your body’s skin.

Your body is designed to produce its own collagen, but aging can affect the process. The Plant Collagen Body Mist is designed to naturally amp up your body’s ability to produce collagen, without the harmful, cruel effects of using animal collagen. The small molecular structure of the plant-based mist is native to the body so skin will react immediately.

  • Instantly Improves the Body’s Tone and Texture
  • Paraben-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Molecular-sized Plant Collagen cells will properly absorb into the skin for maximum wrinkle reduction

Spray mist all over clean skin on the body to instantly improve your tone and texture. Best results occur when used after showering.

  • Organic plant glycerin
  • Organic bamboo
  • Organic algae protein
  • Organic artichoke protein
  • Organic alma fruit extract
  • Organic tremella mushroom
  • Organic aloe vera extract
  • Organic cucumber extract
  • Organic nettle leaf extract
  • Organic white willow extract
  • Organic yucca root extract
  • Organic gingko biloba
  • Vitamin E