You found your safe haven! This is a space where we discuss everything skincare and beauty related for women and men after the age of 35. Most companies target a beauty industry that is younger than some of our children so we decided to create a space for real people with real skincare concerns. We hope you enjoy reading!

Make Sure the EYES Have It!

Linda Welch

Eyelashes and eyebrows play a vital role in protecting our eyes from dust, debris, and sweat while also contributing significantly to our facial aesthetics. And now you can boost your lash and brow game organically.

What If You COULD Turn Back Time?

Linda Welch

As we age, our faces and bodies undergo various changes that can impact our overall appearance. Understanding the key characteristics that contribute to a youthful look can help you make informed decisions about your skincare and exercise routines as well as diet and style choices.

Go Ahead, Bat Those Lashes!

Linda Welch

For many, having long and voluminous eyelashes can boost self-confidence. They can enhance one's natural beauty and provide a sense of empowerment, making individuals feel more put-together even with minimal makeup or effort.

Eyelash Extensions Investigated - Truths & Myths

Whitney Rogers

Everywhere I turn there are women that look like they just walked off of a set in Hollywood. Their eyes sparkle with lush, long, and gorgeous lashes. I must admit,...