<em>Green Living Magazine</em> Promotes Plant-Based Beauty for the New Year - Adonia Organics

<em>Green Living Magazine</em> Promotes Plant-Based Beauty for the New Year

If there were ever a place to receive a salute based on having one of the best natural beauty lines on the market, it’s Green Living Magazine. In February, the publication reviewed and featured Adonia Organics’ Plant Collagen Collection, telling readers they could “tap the fountain of youth.”

“The Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Collection was developed as an alternative to using animal collagen products,” explains Valley doctor Dr. Mark Binette. “Collagen is such a vital protein for our bodies, and as we age, we begin to lose our body’s collagen, and the ability to produce it slows down. The Plant Collagen Collection helps stimulate your body to produce its own natural collagen, without the harmful effects, byproducts, and other controversial and ineffective factors surrounding animal collagen. The small molecular size of the plant collagen absorbs more easily into the body to produce a noticeably brighter glow in your skin, reduce sagging and wrinkles, improve elasticity, and plump up the appearance and health of your skin. The bioavailability of our high-quality plant collagen enters the body’s circulation more effectively, where animal collagen simply sits on top, not providing benefits.”

Quoting Dr. Mark Binette, a physician who was instrumental in creating the line, the editor was pleased to know there isn’t one single ingredient in the line that can’t be pronounced.

Green Living magazine is a premier eco-conscious lifestyle magazine centered on daily life and self-expression for living, working and playing green. The publication offers the latest in products, fashion, wellness, and home while empowering readers to make a difference in the environment. Their content is modern and has a wide-spread reach. Green Living magazine is designed to inspire readers with new ideas and resources.

The Plant Collagen Collection includes:

Plant Collagen Day Serum, which promotes longevity and vibrancy through the absorption of plant cells;

Plant Collagen Night Serum, which improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles while a user sleeps;

Plant Collagen Neck and Chest Serum, which fights aging and the effects of gravity;

And Plant Collagen Body Mist, which improves the texture and firmness of the body’s skin.

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