Leading Beauty Website, Byrdie, Features<br>Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Night Serum - Adonia Organics

Leading Beauty Website, Byrdie, Features<br>Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Night Serum

“All Beauty, All the Time, For Everyone.” That’s the slogan for the one world’s best-known beauty websites, which has recently recognized Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Night Serum for helping their editor’s cope with summer’s end. The award-winning editors have worked for some of the biggest publishing houses in beauty such as Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith and write more than 14,000 reviews per year.

It was no surprise to learn the website fell head over heels for Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Night Serum. As one of our newest products in 2020, the product has earned high praise and riveting reviews from celebrities, on-air television personalities and Adonia Organics’ large customer base.

The topic of plant collagen has been picking up steam since the release of this one-of-a-kind Adonia Organics Plant Collagen collection as it is a safe, effective, animal-cruelty-free way of helping the body produce its own collagen. The Plant Collagen Night Serum, in particular, is a carefully formulated to aid the body in natural collagen production as you sleep. The benefits are reduced wrinkles, firming of the skin, natural brightness and an improved texture. Beauty addicts are loving this serum because it goes to work the minute your eyes close. You wake up to renewed, soft, gorgeous skin.

The Plant Collagen Night Serum is just one of in the entire Plant Collagen collection, which features a Plant Collagen Day Serum, Plant Collagen Neck and Chest Serum and a Plant Collagen Body Mist. The Body Mist was recently featured as one of the “Editors’ Favorite New Beauty Products” by Allure.

The information on Byrdie’s website caters to all backgrounds, skin types and budgets and backs articles with expert advice. At Adonia Organics, we too, honor all the above as we specifically formulate all of our products with this in mind and we work with some of the best skin treatment experts in the world.

Try out or Plant Collagen Serum collection today and let us know what you think of your new glow!

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