<em>Galore Magazine</em> is Aflutter Over Lash Alive - Adonia Organics

<em>Galore Magazine</em> is Aflutter Over Lash Alive

Lash Alive, one of Adonia Organics’ best-selling products, has popped up as a favorite among another beauty journalist. In Galore’sA Bouquet for the Sexy Stoner in Your Life and 5 Other Things I Loved in February,” beauty journalist, Ashley Uzer lists her favorite things for the month. She covers everything from activewear to food and beauty.

“A lash serum to add to your quarantine glow up” is the title for Lash Alive’s feature, where Uzer says “I have had friends compliment my lashes and accuse me of wearing falsies when I was wearing plain old mascara!”

Lash Alive has been a favorite among the masses, and this article recommends it as “something fun to add to your evening routine.” The serum results in 64 percent lash improvement in 21 days and an 88 percent lash improvement in 42 days.

The skin probiotics are what stimulate the follicles to reach their most magnificent look. With Lash Alive you can achieve the Hollywood glamour look using plant-based ingredients. No glue, no extensions, just your beautiful, natural lashes. Often times, false lash glue can pull your natural lashes out. Mascara can have this affect as well. Lash Alive eliminates the need for any of that!

For more information on Lash Alive, click here.

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