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Daily Cleansing Gel Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift, According to Scrubs Magazine

The official lifestyle news source for nurses and medical assistants, Scrubs Magazine recently featured our Daily Cleansing Gel in its’ annual holiday gift guide as a perfect gift for the nurses in your life. Day in and day out, our frontline nurses are battling with all sorts of bacteria, debris, sweat and other elements which can dirty up a face and irritate skin. Nurses are also required to wear masks which can further exacerbate their skin woes. What if you could stuff their stocking with a remedy to clear their pores, cleanse away the junk and have them feeling fresh as a daisy?

Listed as a Forbes favorite product six times over in 2021, the Daily Cleansing Gel is a life-changing staple of any skincare routine. Packed with essential oils to help magnetize dirt off the face and soothe skin, this is the face wash you’ll come to love and rely on.

Nurses have been ranting and raving about how much they love this product so we weren’t surprised to be listed in their go-to guide for all things nurse life. But beyond the medical environment, men and women of all ages and occupations have been seeing a profound difference in the way their skin looks and feels, even after just one wash! The best part about this spa-like product is that it only takes a little to go a long way. Many loyal costumers opt to buy a few boxes – one for the medicine cabinet, the gym bag, the travel kit or just about anywhere you need a fresh wash.

Learn more about our much-favorited Daily Cleansing Gel.

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