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7 Minute Lift Featured on Enchanted Home!

We're delighted to see a blog post by Tina at Enchanted Home featuring Adonia Organics' 7 Minute Lift! She wrote a review that was nothing but positive, and encouraged her readers to give it a shot themselves. We're always glad to see people loving our products, especially when they have a large following like Tina does.

Her post mentioned a few different beauty products, but had this to say about 7 Minute Lift:

"OK this s really interesting and something you will thank me for later. Apparently a secret of many red carpet bound celebrities and celebrity makeup artists,  and with good reason, its a little miracle! My friends mom was raving about this saying its like a temporary facelift in a jar. I was curious so tried it and wow! This is incredible. It acts as a skin tightener temporarily removing all the fine lines and unevenness. I couldn’t believe the result!

It is perfect if you re going out to a big event or really need to look exceptional. You apply it and cannot move your face for 7 minutes as its sets. Think of it is as a time to mediate and take a 7 minute break out of your day. What you get is a nearly flawless smooth as silk skin. Your makeup just glides on practically line and wrinkle free and I am telling you this is like a 7 minute miracle!"


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