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  1. Exfoliate before you tan ‐ Eliminating dead skill cells will help you achieve an even color without splotches or streaks.
  2. Moisturize ‐ Start with a rich, hydrating moisturizer on areas of dry skin such as the elbows, knees, and knuckles. This keeps the tanner from gathering in natural lines and creases.
  3. Use an application mitt ‐ This will protect your palms from unwanted color during the application process.
  4. Wait at least 6 hours before applying other products ‐ Chemicals in deodorant, sunscreen, or perfume can have a big impact on your tan. Allow your color to set in for at least 6 hours before adding additional skin products.
  5. Try a tanning foam ‐ Organic foam based tanners such as the Adonia Bronzing Glow or Goddess are easier to work with than creams or sprays, again give you both and instant and long term natural bronze self-tan. Using an organic foam based tanner will almost always give you better looking results!
  6. Test before you apply ‐ Whenever you are using a new product, try it first on a small area until you are familiar with the color and comfortable with the application process.