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      • Key Ingredients of Adonia StemuTone Serum

        Organic Fennel Organic Yarrow Organic Galbanum Organic Cherry
        Organic Geranium Organic Cistus Organic Angelica Organic Myrtle
        Organic Frankincense Organic Lavender Organic Rosewood Organic
        Black Seed
  • Adonia StemuTone® Body Serum

    Actual results after 3 days
    The only clinically proven plant stem cell serum for the body that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, stretch marks, scars and dryness on your body in just 3 days.

    "...in 3 days it significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and body wrinkles an average of 32% on a full-body evaluation."- AMA Laboratories

    • Paraben-Free
    • Cruelty-Free

    Each bottle is a 60 day supply.

    StemuTone Body Serum

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    • The only clinically proven plant stem cell serum for the body that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and dryness on your body, in just 3 days.

      Adonia StemuTone is a clinically proven plant stem cell treatment that turns back the clock from your chest down to your toes. Erase years from your hands and chest, restore hydration to dry skin for good. With Adonia StemuTone you can say hello to skin that's smoother, firmer and dramatically younger looking.

      • Clinically Proven Results.
      • Reduces Appearance of Age Spots and Discolorations.
      • Diminishes Appearance of Scars and Stretch Marks.
      • Works in Just 3 days.
      • Impressive Results on hands and chest.
      • Firms and Smoothes.
      • Hypoallergenic - Safe and Effective for All Skin Types.
      • Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free.
    • Clinically Proven

      Clinical Efficacy of StemuTone:

      "...in 3 days it significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and body wrinkles an average of 32% on a full-body evaluation. After 28 days of further reduction of 78% was observed" - AMA Labs

      Dr. Binette
      "This product is extremely impressive. In my 17 years in practice, this is the first time I've seen a product produce such amazing results. There are no gimmicks, no hazardous chemicals. Adonia StemuTone is blended with Organic Essential Oils and it really works in just 3 days!"

      - Dr. Mark Binette, Board Certified M.D.,
      Active Member of the Age Management Medical Group

      In addition, Adonia Organics has submitted Adonia StemuTone Serum to independent safety and regulatory testing within the beauty and medical industries in the USA and Europe. Adonia Stemutone Serum passed with flying colors.

      • PASSED Safety/regulatory status in the USA and the European Union
      • PASSED Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study
      • PASSED Skin Irritation Study
      • Featured on:
        Willson Phillips
        Brides Maids
        Say Anything
        Featured on:
        Celebrity Apprentice
        2010 Playmate of the Year
        Versace Runway Model
        Featured on:
        Soul Surfer
      • Featured on:
        Dancing with the Stars
        Entertainment Tonight
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        Featured on:
        Dancing with the Stars
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        The Parkers
        R&B Singer/Song Writer
      • Organic Fennel Organic Cypress Leaf Organic Lavender Organic Bergamont
        Organic Ginger Organic Geranium Organic Peppermint Organic Angelica
      • Organic Carrot Organic Galbanum Organic Everlasting Organic Lemon Verbena
        Organic Cistus Organic Frankincense Organic Pomegranate Organic Myrtle
      • Organic Rose Organic Yarrow Organic Myrrh Organic Chamomile Roman
        Organic Clove Organic
        Black Seed
        Organic Cherry Organic Calendula
    Product Reviews

    I love this stuff, I really saw result in 3 days and now it is going on 2 weeks, and The fine line around my eyes and the line on my neck are almost gone.


    Great Stuff, Works Great!! TUBE did not last me 60 days, maybe 45. Definitely thinking of getting another tube though!


    Ive used this for 4 days now. After the third day, I thought I noticed some substantial improvement. I had forgotten they said it would only take 3 days, but they are right!


    I have to admit to being a complete sceptic but decided to give this cream a try as a last resort as I had been thinking of some alternatives! So far I have used the cream on my legs, hands, arms, neck and took the risk of trying it on my face yet I have very sensitive skin. Well, let me tell you, I have been completely amazed by the results! My face has been absolutely fine and my skin feels so soft and most importantly is younger looking, the skin on my neck has improved dramatically too, so thankfully the alternatives are no longer an option! You can also tell when a product is working well when your friends start to notice as my best friend commented at the weekend on how my skin looked so radiant and I looked younger. She asked if I was using some new foundation or had something done... I passed your details on to her, so please expect another new customer! Needless to say I have today ordered the 7 Minute Lift for myself and the Blemish Oxygen Serum for my son, who has struggled with mild acne for the last couple of years. I asked him to try the Stemutone on his face a few days ago and already there is a difference and this has really boosted his confidence, so a big thank you!


    Very nice cream with subtle fragrance.